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To receive info about possible field cancellations at Barrie Sports Complex, call
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As of August 11, 2016, teams playing in BMSPL and Wednesday Co-Ed League will be required to exit The Complex no later than 11:15pm on game nights. Gates will close promptly at 11:30pm.

no warm ups are allowed between diamonds at The Complex. Warm up on empty diamond,
or beyond light posts, as per posted signs.

Only bats with the USSSA
"thumbprint" are allowed for
use in ALL divisions!

Scores/ results are to be emailed within 24 hours. Click here to submit score/ result.
Failure to report scores in time MAY result in forfeit and/ or fine to your team.
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Slo-Pitch Ontario Association (known as “SPO”) was formed in November of 1982 in an effort to create more awareness of the sport of slo-pitch and to better communicate with its participants throughout Ontario. In 1992, SPO became a member of Softball Ontario and affiliated with Softball Canada, the officially recognized slo-pitch/softball organizations. Slo-Pitch Ontario has one of the largest provincial memberships in Canada. Slo-pitch softball is one of the fastest growing adult team sports in North America. Over 2.5 million Canadians play this recreational grassroots game each season.
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Also...a pair of sunglasses were left behind at a Men's D1 game...if someone found them, please click here...
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I have received this email from The City of Barrie regarding smoking at the Complex please read and pass on to all members of your team to give notice that enforcement agencies are aware of problem and should any one be caught that minimum fine is $1,000.00

To our valued Sports Field Organizations:
We have received feedback that tobacco use in proximity to our sports fields has been an issue this season in certain areas such as the BCSC. Smoking is not permitted within 20 meters of a sports field or spectator area, please see the link below for more information. We would like to remind our organizations that tobacco use proximal to a sports field is not permitted and fines may be incurred through enforcement. We wanted to make you aware so can communicate with your teams that the issue has been identified and enforcement agencies are aware of the issue. Please help us in providing a smoke free environment at our sports fields and please communicate this with your teams.