League Constitution

Article 1 - Name:
1) The name of the league shall be "Barrie Men's Slo-Pitch League", recognized as "BMSPL Inc.". Hereafter, also referred to as "the League".
Article 2 - Affiliation:
1) The League may be affiliated with recognized sanctioning bodies and would pay membership fees/ dues, as required.
Article 3 - Purpose:
1) The purpose of the League shall be to promote, govern, improve, and develop the game of slo-pitch, in both League and Tournament play, in a responsible and organized environment, for personal enjoyment, and recreation of its participants.
Article 4 - By-Laws:
1) The by-laws, appended to this constitution, shall describe the organization and function of the League; the terms of membership; and the means by which individuals may elect League representatives and influence activities of the League.
2) All by-laws must be in accordance with recognized sanctioning bodies, except as noted or amended in the official Rules of Play.
Article 5 - Voting Procedure:
1) Each team is represented by ONE (1) voting member.
2) Majority rules: 25% quorum of membership is required.
3) Niminations/ motions must be seconded by a representative of another team.