Fair Play Policy

The Fairness Committee acts as the disciplinary arm of the Barrie Mens Slo-Pitch League and as such deals with cases or situations that are not
consistent with the ethics and standards of the League.

All games should be played with good sportsmanship, fairness, integrity, and mutual respect. Players should respect the game, play fairly, and follow all rules and policies as well as accept the decisions of the umpires officials with good grace. Although competition may become intense, we expect our participants to maintain good sportsmanship up to and after the final out, win or lose.

Umpires have the discretion to eject a player not following the fair play initiatives. Some of the offences that require an umpires report are:

1. Throwing of equipment, bats, gloves, etc.

2. Foul and/or obscene language directed to an official, spectator, or player.

3. Bumping, shoving or striking an official, spectator, or player.

4. Kicking dust on the plate or the official's shoes.

5. Mocking or other obvious attempts to belittle an official, spectator, or player.

6. Threats of any manner made to an official, spectator, or player.

7. Persistent attempts to annoy or intimidate an official, spectator, or player.

If a player is ejected from a game the umpire must file a report with the Fairness Committee immediately. That player must leave the pinwheel area, and is also suspended for their next scheduled game.

The Committee Chair will respond to an umpire's report and present it to the Fairness Committee. Infractions will be judged according to a list of offences, identified by the Rules Committee to see if any additional penalties will be required.

REPEAT OFFENDERS will be evaluated by the Fairness Committee and, under the direction of the Chair, will be assigned whatever penalty is warranted. The Committee reserves the right to review any blatant breaking of these policies by players as it sees fit. The captain of the team the repeat offender plays for is also eligible for a one game suspension.

Captains of each team are responsible for informing their players of these rules and that these